AAC to MP3 Converter for Mac

After winning many prise from mac users for its professional and easy-to-use design, the mp3 converter for mac never halt to rest, but to proceed for the best existing mp3 converter for mac, that is video and audio converter. With the mp3 converter for mac, you can convert mp3 on mac as you want and deal with other conversion with the converter mp3 for mac, so that, enjoy mp3 as you wish is never a dream at the corner but at hands. You can convert mp3 to wma for mac, mp3 to wav for mac, mp3 to m4a for mac, mp3 to aac for mac, mp3 to aiff for mac, mp3 to ogg for mac,etc.

Major features of the mp3 converter for mac

*  The mp3 converter for mac is specially made to convert mp3 on mac with the aim to provide qualified audio files for some special audio players, such as sun au player, blackberry, Dolby digital, etc. And also, the software has been tested by our expert for times, so it is not necessary to worry about the stability and performance of the mp3 converter for mac.

*   With the converter mp3 for mac, you can freely convert between audios as well as video to audio. For its special use on mac, you can treat it as a magic one, one super mp3 converter fo rmac. Therefore, it will be convenient for you to deal with your players and cellphone about the mp3 conversion.

*   The mp3 converter for mac is born to change mp3 to other audio files on mac, such as aac, wma, wmv, aiff, ogg, m4a, ect. For our special design, this mp3 converter for mac will do you great help by convert mp3 on mac

*   Free download the software is ok, and if you buy one, you can enjoy the lifelong service on the audio and video conversion. You can convert aac to mp3 for mac, mp3 to wav for mac, mp3 to m4a for mac, mp3 to aac for mac, mp3 to aiff for mac, mp3 to ogg for mac,etc.

Therefore, if you are to choose one mp3 converter for mac or a video converter for mac, we sincerely hope you can try this one and put your trust on us for once and forever.

The simple right-click model has been used to convert mp3 to aac files professionally. Users got hooked on the ease of use of the conversion. It deals with MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, aac, APE, MPP changing size, bitrate or frequency.

With the AAC to MP3 Converter for Mac Lion, it is so easy to select the output format, set any advanced changes.The program comes with a basic convenient utility for editing files. You can finish all the progress with simple clicks.

Now free download the trial version below to have a shot:


*  1. Add files with the “Add File” button, see the added files with the go on and pause buttons below the beautiful picture.


*  2. Select “aac- Advanced Audio Coding(*.aac)” by the help of profile list.

*  3. To browse destination list to save your converted files by “Browse” button.

* 4. Click “Convert” button to begin, pay attention to the progress bar becomes all blue then enjoy it.

Notice: Before conversion, you can change bite, frenquency that related to music with the button of settings, cut clips with the button Trim.


Now you see the whole steps with me clearly, if you have any questions, please free download and try, for the clear guide will give you a perfect show.

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