Wondershare PDF Editor For Windows

  • Product : PDF Editor
  • License : Free Trial
  • Price :$69.95
  • OS Supported : Windows 8 (64&32 bits)/Windows 7 (64&32 bits)/Vista (64&32 bits)/XP (32 bit)
  • Date Added : 2014-04-25
  • Support : support@wondershare.com

Everything You Need to Work with PDF Files

Looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use PDF solution at a price you can afford? Wondershare PDF Editor is a fully featured program that鈥檚 designed for small businesses and home users.

Create a PDF from Any Document

Edit the Contents of a PDFConvert to Word or Excel

Review and Annotate

OCR Digitize Text
Sign PDFs with your Personalized Signatures

Protect PDFs with a Password

Fill and Customize PDF Forms

Create a PDF from Any Document
If you can open it, you can make it a PDF. Compatible with over 300 formats, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and image files, the files created by Wondershare PDF Editor are 100% accessible with Adobe Reader, Acrobat, and other PDF readers.

Use the Combine feature to merge multiple files into a single PDF document.

Edit the Contents of a PDF

Just click and start typing to add, delete, or edit text 鈥 it鈥檚 that simple. Change font, size, color, and more. Insert, crop, resize, and delete images. Add, delete, extract, reorganize, and crop pages. Insert, delete, and update watermarks.

Then compress the final file with preconfigured settings to facilitate easy uploading, attachment to emails, and printing.

Convert a PDF to Word, Excel, or Other Popular File Types

Need to edit a PDF? Convert any PDF to a more user-friendly file type first.
Retain the same formatting but more easily alter text by converting to Word. Or extract tables from a PDF document to Excel, allowing for further analysis and calculations while preserving the original data and layout. Or if you want to make a file harder to edit or easier to share online, convert your PDF document to any standard image format, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.

Review and Annotate

Get Feedback Noticed
Write a comment in a sticky note or text box. Highlight important text. Add a shape or use freehand drawing tools. Whatever you need to make your point.

Stamps Streamline the Process
Leave feedback with over 20 pre-defined stamps, such as 鈥淩evised鈥 and 鈥淪ign Here鈥. Dynamic stamps automatically add date and time for easy record keeping. Or create your own custom stamps.

Acrobat Compatible
Collaborate with colleagues regardless of the software they use. Comments made with PDF Editor are viewable in Adobe Reader and Acrobat, as well as other popular PDF readers.

OCR Digitizes Text

OPTIONAL PLUGINTransform a scanned, image-based PDF document into usable text again 鈥 while retaining the document鈥檚 appearance.

Top-of-the-line OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) turns it into a fully editable document, allowing you to:
鈥 Search the text
鈥 Edit, insert, and delete text
鈥 Change text formatting
鈥 Re-size and remove images
鈥 鈥nd anything else you can do with a standard file

Multi-language Support.
Work with scanned PDF text in almost any language, including: English, Korean, Italian, French, German, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Greek, Croatian, Bulgarian, and many more.

Sign PDF with Custom Signatures

Use one of the provided industry-standard encrypted digital signatures, or create one specifically for your handwritten signature.

Make use of pre-defined and custom stamps, such as 鈥淩eviewed鈥, 鈥淎pproved鈥, and 鈥淐onfidential鈥.

How to Create Industry-standard PDF Files

In聽Home menu, you can see 2 options:聽From File and Combine.

Create a PDF file from a single document: If you need to save a single document as a PDF file, click聽From Files. And then Wondershare PDF Editor will open it as a PDF file automatically. You just need to save it on your computer.
Combine a range of files into a single PDF file: If you plan to combine several different types of files into a single PDF, you should click聽Combine. And then in the popped up window, click聽Add Files to import needed files and click聽Combine at the bottom of the window. Here you’ve able to import images, Word document, web pages, text files, etc. just every file which can be opened on your computer.

Note: From the top right, you can see聽Document Quality. In the drop-down list, you can choose the quality of the PDF file to be suitable for sharing on the Internet, for Office or print.

Edit text

How to Edit/Insert PDF Text

Edit Text: In the menu bar, click the聽Home > Edit, then click over any text in the document and a cursor will appear.聽Add Text in the toolbar, and then click on any area on the page, you can add text into the PDF file. A control panel will appear in the top right below the menu bar.Here you can adjust font size, color and apply or remove italic or bold styles.
Add Text: In the menu bar, click the聽Edit > AddText and click anywhere in the document to reveal a text box.

Edit text

How to Edit/Insert Images and Graphics

Edit Image: In the menu bar, click聽Edit > Edit, and then click on the image you want to edit. Now a selection, you are able to drag the image around the page, manually adjust the size, delete it, or copy and paste to a new location.
Add Image: In the menu bar, click Edit > Add Image, a pop up window will appear. Browse your computer’s files for the image you want, click聽Open and the image will appear in the document.

Edit image

How to Convert PDF to Word/PPT/Excel/RTF

Convert PDF files to other formats: In the menu bar, click聽Home, and then click one of the multiple options:聽To Word,聽To Excel, To PowerPoint,聽To Image,聽To Text,聽To Other(HTML, EPUB, RTF).

Convert PDF Files

After you choose a file type, a popup window will appear. By default, the PDF file you’ve opened with PDF Editor will be added to this window. If you want to convert other PDF files as well, you’re able to add PDF files by click聽Add. And then clickConvert to begin the conversion process.

Convert PDF Files

Note: As you see, on the top right, there is an option聽Enable OCR. If you’ve added image-based scanned PDF files, please check it first and click聽Select Language to select the right language for the PDF file.

How to Perform OCR to Scanned PDFs

To help users edit and convert scanned PDF files, Wondershare released an OCR Plug-in for Wondershare PDF Editor. Because it is not a must for every user, so we separated the OCR feature from Wondershare PDF Editor, making it a plug-in for users who need it. Below are simple steps for how to perform OCR on scanned PDF files on registered Wondershare PDF Editor.

perform OCR

Step 1. Purchase Wondershare PDF Editor OCR Plug-in. Wondershare PDF Editor OCR Plug-in is a separate part for registered Wondershare PDF Editor. It only works on Wondershare PDF Editor. To enable it, the first thing to do is clicking the OCR button on Wondershare PDF Editor Home menu to buy it.

Step 2. Download and install Wondershare PDF Editor OCR Plug-in. After you buy the OCR Plug-in, you’ll receive an email instantly. In the email, the OCR Plug-in download link is provided. Just click it to download and install the OCR Plug-in on Wondershare PDF Editor.

Download OCR Plug-in

Step 3. Enable the OCR feature. After you install the OCR Plug-in, please enter the right licensed email and registration code you’ve received via the email to register the Plug-in. When you do this, the OCR is enabled. And then any scanned PDF you have or you will open in Wondershare PDF Editor will be selectable and editable.

Register OCR Plug-in

How to Annotate PDF Files

All commenting and markup tools are in聽Comment menu.

Placing Sticky Notes: Click the聽Insert Sticky Notes icon. Then click anywhere in the document you want to place the note. A yellow text box will appear, where you can log your comment for later review at a click.
Highlight, Underline &Strikethrough: Click the tool in the toolbar and then drag it over the tex.
Stamp: To declare a PDF file status, you can click stamp to add pre-made stamps Wondershare PDF Editor has offered or your own created stamp. You can import your handwritten signature image as a stamp to quick sign the PDF file.
Drawing Markups: There are seven markup shape options available: Line, polygon, ellipse, free-shape, rectangle, arrow and cloud. Click an option and then click where you want to draw in the document. After finishing drawing the shape, double-click it to reveal the text box to clarify any corrections with a comment.

Annotate PDF Files

How to Split PDF Files and Manage Pages

Split Files: Click聽Split in聽Edit menu. When a popup window appears, specify the number of pages (separate PDF files) you want to split the document into. Then select output folder to save the new files. Click聽OK.
Delete Page: Click聽Delete Page and a popup window will appear.聽 Select a page range to delete, then click聽OK to delete the pages.
Extract Page: To open selected pages in a separate window, click聽Extract Page and a popup window will appear. Select a page range to extract, then click聽OK to extract the pages. The extracted pages will open in separate window.
Crop Page: Click聽Crop Page and drag the crop cursor over the area you want to keep. A gray field will cover the excess area that will be discarded.

merge PDFs

How to Compress a PDF File

Now Wondershare PDF Editor comes with the new feature – reducing PDF file size. It will shrink the embedded images and remove other useless data. To compress a PDF file, go to the聽File menu. Click聽Optimize. From here you can compress the PDF file to be suitable for using on the web, in the Office, or print. If you prefer to compress it as what you like, you can click聽Cutom to set the your preference for the compression.

Annotate PDF Files

How to Fill out a PDF Form

Click the聽Open menu to open the PDF form that you’re going to fill out. By default, Wondershare PDF Editor will detect the interactive form fields if there is any. And then, click the fields to type in text or just click to select the provided options.

fill in PDF form

How to Create a PDF Form from a Template

Wondershare PDF Editor supports form creation both from scratch and from templates. To save your time, we suggest you create PDF forms from templates, because it always takes a long time to create a PDF form from zero. The following part is about how to use a template to create your own PDF form.

Step 1. Open your form. Click聽Open menu on Wondershare PDF Editor to open your PDF form. Click the聽Form Menu to reveal all the options. From here, you’ll see an option聽Edit Form. Click it to enable the editing features.

Step 2. Create a PDF form with interactive fields. As you see, 7 kinds of interactive fields are provided for you. With them, you’ll create a great form according to your own needs.

Create PDF Form

To add an interactive field into a form, click the interactive field in the toolbar. And then move your mouse to the PDF form where you want to add it and draw the field. After placing the interactive field, double-click on it to reveal the Properties dialogue box on which you’ll be able to name the field, customize its appearance, validate the answer, and calculate data.

Create PDF Form

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