WMA to iTunes Converter for Mac, convert WMA to iTunes on Mac

WMA(Windows Media Audio) is an audio data compression technology developed by Microsoft, which can be played on Windows Media Player, VLC player, but is not available for iTunes or QuickTime. In this circumstance, you can convert WMA to the most popular MP3 format on Mac OS by downloading MP3 Converter for Mac. Once converted successfully, you can play WMA on iTunes or QuickTime on Mac without any problem!

Download WMA to iTunes for Mac Converter
Click here to download the Mac MP3 conversion software, and then set it up into your Mac.

Simplified guide: How to convert WMA to iTunes audio for Mac OS X Lion?

Step 1: Add WMA audio
Load the .WMA files that to be converted into MP3 format by clicking “Add File” button.

Step 2: Trim WMA file
Switch to Trim window, you can set the start time and end time to cut long WMA files and only get the wanted audio parts.

Step 3: WMA to MP3 settings
Choose MP3 as the output format from the Profile list, and specify the destination to store the final MP3 files.

Step 4: Convert WMA file
Now, hit “Convert” button to start converting WMA to MP3 format on your Mac, and you’ll get the MP3 file within several seconds.

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